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Welcome To Combative Games League

In today’s world of combative arts training and competition, coaches and young aspiring competitors must be able to keep pace with rapidly changing trends and seek new training platforms to enhance their skills, performance and competitive development.
Understanding the need to develop a new paradigm in producing future champions, a collaboration of some of the world’s top martial artists and combative arts experts created the Combative Games League with a goal of taking the lead in developing and organizing events that will catapult today’s young novices and up-and-coming competitors to new, higher levels of peak performance and competition excellence.
The Combative Games League will offer regularly scheduled training and skill development classes that will uplift and motivate its members, competitors and coaches with new methodologies, new techniques and new challenges that will benefit both individuals and the entire combative Martial Arts community. Highlighting the calendar of the Combative Games League will also be a series of combative evaluation events that will offer members a whole new platform of combative competition categories and divisions, designed to develop and improve the skillsets of all its members. These “building block” competitive events will all be conducted within an environment of sportsmanship and strictly enforced safety rules and regulations.
Whether you are just beginning your journey in the combative arts or you are a seasoned combative arts competitor, the Combative Games League is the way to rapidly improve your  game and put you on the Winner’s Platform.

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